RAF Crest

Warrant Officer Reg JeffcockIn Loving Memory of
Reginald Jeffcock DFM
Flying Warrant Officer
Royal Air Force
Bomber Command
3rd April 1923 -
14th January 1995
"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them."

An RAF Bomb Aimer Remembered

Bomber Command Crest

49 Squadron Crest

(Beware of the dog)

214 Squadron Crest

(Avenging in the shadows).

This site has been prepared as both a living tribute to the late Reg (Jeff) Jeffcock and also as a resource for those seeking information about some of the missions he took part in over Nazi occupied Europe during his wartime service in the Royal Air Force Bomber Command in 49 and 214 Squadrons.

The site will contain images of various documents kept by him from the war, including bomb target maps, Allied propaganda leaflets, bomb loading charts for his missions and sketches made during his stays on various Lincolnshire airfields.

Browse through this unique archive and, if the mood takes you, please leave a message in the book of remembrance.

The site is also a memorial to those who died during that conflict, on all sides, and those who have suffered and still suffer from its after-effects.


Andrew Jeffcock

email: bombaimer@retiarius.com

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 All original sketches and photographs are Copyright © R. Jeffcock 1941-46 
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