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Propaganda leaflet dropped on Germany
(kindly translated from German to English by Hella Jashke)

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No Blackout!

Yes, this factory is not blacked-out. It is located – out of the reach of German bombers – in Pittsburgh (USA) and is churning out tanks for England and for freedom.

President Roosevelt said on 16 March 1941:

“The British people need ships, airplanes, tanks, guns, ammunition and food. They
will receive it from America.”

SHIPS: In 1918 America built merchant vessels with a total volume of 2,602,000 tonnes for herself and her allies. Now she has planned to build for England alone 4,000,000 tonnes.

AIRCRAFT: America is building now about 1500 aircraft per month, among them hundreds of the new giant bomber which you will soon hear and see in the German skies. From 1942 America will be building 3,000 aircraft per month.

TANKS: Already in 1940 American factories had orders for 9,200 tanks. Some of these factories are able to start and finish 15 tanks in one day. There are several hundreds of these factories.

FOR FREE: A large part of the American war materials is being supplied to England for free. In order to finance England and her allies, America has made available US$ 7,000,000,000 (= 35 billion Reichsmark). In addition, arms and armaments in the amount of US$1,300,000,000 from the stock of the American armed forces can be supplied to England on call.

This is the U.S.A.,
the bomb-safe
Armament Chamber of Freedom!



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