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Propaganda leaflet dropped on Germany
(kindly translated from German to English by Hella Jashke)

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So say German generals and officers. Nobody is better qualified than they to assess the hopelessness of the situation. For they know what they are talking about because of their training and experience.
It is the “Heroes of Stalingrad”, whose bloody self-sacrifice shall be a constant reminder of faithfulness, willingness to make sacrifices and heroic perseverance as the leaders of the Reich told the German people.

The events since 20 September, the day, on which the appeal appeared, have confirmed the judgement and warning of these German officers. The situation continues to worsen.
The German eastern front continues to recede. Smolensk is in Russian hands, Kiev is about to fall. Already today the eastern front is almost along the line which the German armed forces had reached only three months after the beginning of the campaign against Russia in 1941.
The two-front-war has become reality after the English-American armies in Italy broke the southern front of fortress Europe. Thanks to their superiority in numbers and materials it is in the hands of the allied forces to determine time and place of a third and fourth front.

The great hope of the German leadership, the submarine war, is lost to Germany. From May to September not even one of the Allied Forces’ merchant ships in the North Atlantic was sunk. In the same period, almost every day a German submarine was sent to the bottom of the sea. Compared to their losses, The Allied Forces’ have a surplus of newly built ships which amounts already to 6 million tonnes since the beginning of this year. In these circumstances the Allied Forces will soon have replaced their ships lost since the beginning of the war by new ones.

The strategic situation of Germany in the aerial war is worsening with every day, the closer the fronts are moving towards Germany. With the capture of of Italian air bases even the most remote corner of Germany is the radius of the Allied Forces’ squadrons. Already today the RAF is 1 ½ times stronger than the German Luftwaffe. For every new German airplane the Americans and English build four. This does not include the huge production of the Russians.

The total war production of the Allied Forces is already now three times as big as that of Germany and Japan, whereas the German war potential gets weaker with each loss of territory.


These are facts. Hitler knows them as well as any of us. But he continues this futile war because he knows: the end of the war means his own end and the downfall of his system.


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