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Propaganda leaflet dropped on Germany
(kindly translated from German to English by Hella Jashke)

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- The end of the war does not mean the end of Germany

What the Statesmen of the United Nations have said about Germany’s fate after the war:

“With respect to their existing obligations, the British and American governments will work for all states, whether small or large, victor or loser, to obtain at the same conditions access to trade and to the raw materials of the world required for their economic growth.”

Atlantic Charter, 14.8.41

“With the exception of the fascist leaders nobody in the axis countries needs to fear the unconditional capitulation. The population in the countries controlled by the axis can remain safe in the knowledge: Unconditional capitulation does not mean the exchange of tyranny for misery. The United Nations’ aim is to open to the freed countries the path to a free political life, which they can build themselves, and to economic safety.

Roosevelt, 25.8.43

“It would be foolish to equate Hitler’s clique with the German people and the German state; history shows that Hitlers come and go but the German state and the German people remain.”

Stalin, 23.11.42

“The annihilation of the Nazi power will bring from the very first moment bread, peace and freedom to all the peoples of Europe – including Germans and Austrians.”

Churchill, 19.8.40

“It is not our intention to cause the economic collapse of Germany or any other country. I am not saying this because I am particularly fond of Germany, but because a starving and bankrupt country in the middle of Europe would poisons us, who are its neighbours. This is not sentimentality but common sense.”

Eden, 29.7.41


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