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Propaganda leaflet dropped on Germany
(kindly translated from German to English by Hella Jashke)

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He who sows Hatred

should not expect friendship and cooperation from his own victims. Hitler has been preaching war for 20 years, prepared for it for 7 years and started it suddenly on 1 September 1939. All peoples, whose countries he has overrun and occupied, hate him from the bottom of their souls; but this does not affect him. However, the German soldiers, policemen and civil servants, who represent his predatory reign in the oppressed countries, are now faced with suppressed hatred and often even open rage.

IN FRANCE, which you have looted dry, the Germans are called “potato beetle”, “locusts” and “bugs”. The small children in seaports call after them “dead fish” – in remembrance of the failed invasion attempts last autumn; and the farmers in Brittany curse them as “manure for the next harvest”, in anticipation of the next attempts – and also for other reasons…

IN HOLLAND, where in undefended Rotterdam alone German bombers killed last May 30,000 men, women and children within a few minutes, no German dares be out in the streets at night. The many canals are very deep and do not have fences… There, the Germans are called “corpses on holiday”.

IN NORWAY, the German drumhead court-martial has again ordered the execution of 10 patriots. “Christmas tree decoration” the Germans are called there, as it is planned to hang them from the tallest fir trees of the Norwegian woods, when the day comes…

IN POLAND the SS terror has been raging since September 1939. However, only in the last few weeks (following reports in German papers) 154 SS men and policemen – among them a police general – died in fights with Polish resistance fighters. Even so, invisible hands set already thousands of farms alight, farms which have been stolen from Polish people.

And on this basis Hitler is planning to build his “New Order”!

The day will come for total settlement with Hitler and his gang. Whose side will you be on? Shall your fathers, sons, brothers, who are already in Hitler’s pay in foreign countries, shall the whole German people suffer for this? Remember: he who sows hatred

Will reap Revenge!


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