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Propaganda leaflet dropped on Germany in 1943
(kindly translated from German to English by Hella Jashke)

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London 6 November 1943

Special Edition
  1. The United Nations continue fighting the war until the final victory.
  2. The four great powers will work together with other peace-loving nations, also after the war, to prevent future wars.
  3. Agreement on military measures to shorten the war against Germany and her vassals in Europe.
  4. Immediate creation of a permanent committee of the United Nations to deal with European current issues in London.
  5. Independence for Austria.
  6. As soon as the last traces of fascism have disappeared, the Italian people will determine its form of government.
  7. War criminals will be sentenced in those countries where they committed their crimes.

The Decisions of Moscow

Total agreement was reached at the Moscow Conference between the United States of North America, Great Britain and the Soviet Union regarding joint action, based on common policy, with regard to military and political matters for the duration of this war and the post-war period. The declarations were signed by the three Foreign Ministers Cordell Hull, Anthony Eden and M.V. Molotov.  Present were, apart from the Foreign Ministers,  the representatives of  the Russian, American and British General Staffs  under the leadership of  Marshall Woroshilow, Major General Deane and Lieutenant General Sir Hastings Ismay.

This is the wording of the communiqué as published on 1 November:

The conference dealt with all issues raised by Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States of America. Certain questions demanded final decisions which were made. Other questions were discussed, fundamental decision made and, to finalise details, passed on to committees, specially created for this purpose, or left to be dealt with via diplomacy. Other issues were settled by exchanging opinions.

First, the measures for cutting short the war against Germany and her vassal states were discussed frankly and at length. Thanks to the participation of knowledgeable representatives of the individual General Staffs certain military operations,  which have been decided and are being prepared, could be discussed in order to create the basis for future close military cooperation between the three states.

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