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Propaganda leaflet dropped on Germany in 1943
(kindly translated from German to English by Hella Jashke)

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No less important than the shortening of the war was the acknowledgement of the important fact that the three governments in their own national interest as well as in the interest of all peace-loving nations continue their present close cooperation and concerted warfare planning into the time when hostilities will have come to an end. This is the only way to secure peace and to help thrive the political, economic and social welfare of their peoples as much as possible. This conviction is expressed in a declaration signed in Moscow by the three Foreign Ministers and the Chinese Ambassador. The Chinese government joined this declaration during the conference. This declaration envisages an even closer cooperation in warfare and in all matters concerning capitulation and disarming the enemies at war with the individual powers. The declaration outlines the principles on which, according to the unanimous opinion of the four governments, a comprehensive system of international cooperation and security is to be based. The inclusion of all peace-loving nations – large and small – is planned.

The conference agreed to create institutions guaranteeing closest cooperation of the three powers in dealing with all European issues as they arise in the course of the war. For this purpose, the conference decided to implement a European Advisory Committee in London, the duty of which will be to examine these issues and present joint proposals to the governments.
Further, the conference decided to create an Advisory Committee for all issues concerning Italy. At the beginning, it will consist of representatives of the three governments and the French National Committee for the Liberation of France. The inclusion of Greek and Yugoslav representatives is planned with a view to the special interest arising from the attack of fascist Italy on their territories. The committee will deal with daily issues, except for military measures, and make proposals in order to unify the Allied Forces’ policy towards Italy.
The three Foreign Ministers wish to confirm again the desire of the Allied Forces to re-establish democracy in Italy.

The three Foreign Ministers declare that their governments’ aim is to re-establish Austria’s independence. In this context they point out to Austria that the fact that Austria did much to free herself will be taken into consideration at the final settlement.
The Foreign Ministers read a declaration from Presidents Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. It contains a solemn warning: At the conclusion of an armistice with whichever German government, German officers, soldiers and members of the N.S.D.A.P., who were involved in any way in atrocities and executions in the countries overrun by the German army, will be returned to the countries where they committed their heinous crimes. There they will be charged and sentenced according to the laws in those countries.

In an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding, which prevailed at the conference, other important issues were dealt with; not only current issues but also questions as to how to deal with Hitler Germany and her vassals, questions regarding economic cooperation and how to secure world peace.This means:This document destroys Hitler’s illusion regarding discord in the camp of the United Nations. It shows how absurd all his hopes for peace negotiations with any of Germany’s enemies are.

Until now Hitler has been trying to make the German people believe that he would extricate them from the desperate situation he manoeuvred them into. He awakened the false hope that Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union would stoop to petty national egotism and that Germany could take advantage from the discord among the United Nations. As the results of the conference prove, the United Nations know that only by working together their national self-interests can be served.

The German people see as clearly as Hitler himself that the Hitler regime does not have the slightest chance, neither political nor military, to win the war.The four great powers Great Britain, the United States, Soviet Russia and China are determined to stand together, also in the future, to win the peace as much as they will win the war now. After the victory they will create a world-wide organisation for general security. After the last war two of the great world empires (the United States and the Soviet Union) did not join the effort for peace building. This time, all the nations united in war will remain united in peace time as well to make sure that this time peace is true and lasting. This time, nobody will withdraw after victory is achieved.

The Permanent Committee Great Britain, the United Nations and the Soviet Union, which is now starting work in London, is the beginning. This committee will deal with current and post-war military and political issues. It will make sure that day-to-day questions of any kind will immediately be jointly attended to. The task of the Advisory Committee for Italy is also to ensure that the Italian problems are paid the necessary attention. A declaration regarding Italy’s future government is to be found in a separate document on page 3.

Austria, the first victim of national socialist politics of force, is to regain her independence. This issue is being dealt with in a document which can also be found on page 3. Since the devastating strikes against the German war industry in the West of the Reich, Austria developed more and more into an armoury for Hitler’s war machine. More and more Hitler needs to rely on people for keeping the armament production going - people, to whom it is being made clear here that their own contribution to their liberation will be closely examined and considered at the final settlement.

On page 4 is a declaration on war criminals to be found, containing a clear warning to every German not to be led into becoming a war criminal.

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